Digital Sublimation Printing Machine, How to Save Ink?

June 27, 2018

The development of digital jet printing machines in the digital printing industry has become more and more common and has brought unprecedented changes to the printing industry.

As we all know, ink-jet technology is relatively " finicky ", but also "quite particular about usage".

Therefore, how to make it work efficiently for the printing industry has become a top priority for the printing industry.

Printing concentrated as much as possible

When you using a piezoelectric digital printer, please do not print it every few minutes. If you need to print a lot of things, I suggest that you bring together what you need to print in a centralized print.

Because every time the machine is started, it is necessary to clean the print head, initialize the printer and charge the ink delivery system, this process wastes a lot of ink, so try not to start the machine as often as possible.

Clean the print head properly

Most inkjet printing devices automatically clean the print head when it is turned on and have buttons to clean the print head. If the automatic cleaning function of the device is invalid, you can manually clean the print head.

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Manual cleaning

The print head should be removed according to the procedure in the operation manual. A thin rubber tube is inserted on the front end of the medical syringe, which is filled with water that has been strictly filtered. When rinsing, the spray hole is carefully observed with a magnifier. If there is deposit residue beside the spray hole, it can be removed with a soft rubber product.

The integrated print head that is not used for a long time will clog the nozzles due to dry ink and it can be soaked in hot water before cleaning.

Cleaning the print head should pay attention to the following points.

1. Please do not clean the nozzle with sharp objects, do not hit the nozzle, and do not touch the nozzle with your hand;

2. Please do not disassemble and install the print head in the charged state, and do not touch the electrical contacts on the print head with your hands or other objects;

3. It is not possible to remove the print head from the printer and place it alone. And please do not place the print head in a dusty place.

Do not replace the ink cartridge immediately.

Digital printing equipment detects the amount of ink in the ink cartridge through an inductive sensor. The sensor prompts the replacement of the ink cartridge as soon as it detects that one of the ink colors is less than the value set in the printer. At this time, we can remove the ink cartridge and reset the printer's internal sensor to confirm the installation of a new ink cartridge.

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Minimize cleaning times

In the process of use, ink jet head jamming often occurs. There are many causes of jamming, such as the working environment of the machine, the quality of the ink, the idle time of the machine, and so on. Every time the inkjet head is cleaned, a large amount of ink is consumed, so the number of times of cleaning the inkjet head should be reduced as much as possible.

Of course, the machine manufacturer's specified model ink should be used as much as possible when using the machine.

The development of digital inkjet printing is a major trend in the printing industry.


It is beginning to bloom in the printing industry! ! !