How about the Printing Machine with 5113 Print Head?

June 21, 2018

At present, with the rapid development of market printing industry, the brands of printing machines emerge in endlessly, and the models of different configurations are increasingly like stars. There are many kinds of print heads just for printing machines, and the number of models derived from them is also numerous.

As the mainstream of the print head market, Epson 5113 print head has been occupying half of the print head field. So the question comes to the photo machine of the 5113 print head. How about the photo machine with 5113 print head on earth? Is it workable?

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

The Epson 5113 print head is known for its high accuracy and high speed. The printing resolution is 3200 DPI and a top triple-head print speed is 118 Sqm/H. With precision and speed, Epson 5113print head becomes the market leader.
The Epson 5113 print head is so excellent that the performance of the assembled photo machine with this print head is pretty well. Taking the Stormjet H1-5113 three-headed printing machine of Zhengzhou New Century as an example, this photo machine has three Epson 5113 print heads, with a maximum print speed of 118 square meters, creating speed legend.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Secondly, the printing resolution of Stormjet H1 is 3200 DPI, the outputting design is remarkable, vivid, and the pores of character are clearly visible. Zero distance viewing, stronger visual impact.

As the main high-end printing machine under the Sky-color brand, the quality of Stormjet H1 is never discounted, the performance of Stormjet H1 is beyond imagination, and everyone who has used Stormjet H1 says well. The printing machine with 5113 print head is worth buying!