Printing Machine Maintenance Knowledge Inventory: The Summer To Do So!

June 23, 2018

The high temperature in summer was accompanied by the enthusiasm of the sun. It invaded people's lives and work silently. People were prone to heat stroke and the equipment was prone to failure. Therefore, under the attack of high temperature and heat, in addition to doing a good job of people's heatstroke, we must also remember to reduce the temperature of the printing machine and do maintenance.

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1. The optimal indoor temperature for printing machines is between 15 and 30 degrees. It is necessary for fans or air conditioners to cool down at 35 degrees.

2. Drying is always accompanied by high temperature now need to pay attention to anti-static/dry ink. And often to sprinkle some water on the ground, it can help prevent the dry indoor air. At the same time to prevent electrostatic printing machine grounding line.

3. In a high temperature environment, do not connect too many devices to a single row. The printer and computer can be equipped with a single row. Other electrical appliances such as chargers/fans/air conditioners should be equipped with a separate plug. Do not mix one with the printer.

4. Summer in the south is not only hot but also rainy. If the humidity is too high, the drying speed of the picture will be effected. To prevent from sticking together because the printing ink is not dry when rewinding, it is recommended to use a cool fan for air drying.

5. When it is rainy in summer, the damp weather affects the normal use of the printing machine. It is recommended that the dehumidifier be used for dehumidification. Meanwhile, the shell of the main body of the printing machine should be covered to prevent the damp air from invading the relevant circuit boards and components.

6. In order to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the printing machine in the summer, we must strictly control the indoor temperature and humidity. It is best to place thermometers and hygrometers indoors to facilitate real-time viewing and timely adjustment.

7. Pay attention to the daily dust treatment to ensure that the production environment is relatively clean. If a lot of particles or dust accumulate in the air during the production process, the print quality of the equipment will be affected. The printing machine is a kind of precision equipment. If the daily maintenance is not in place, many unexpected failures will occur, which will affect the production efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the maintenance of the printing machine.