3.2m 8 Head FD5328E Printer: A Powerful Tool for Ultra-Wide Textile Sublimation Printing
With the rapid development of the dye sublimation printing industry, customers have higher standards for stable digital sublimation printers. Considering the market needs, FEDAR design an ultra-wide 8-head high-speed inkjet sublimation printer FEDAR FD5328E.
Advantages of FEDAR FD5328E Transfer Sublimation Printer:


1. Equipped with 8 Epson I3200-A1 heads, MAX speed 420 sqm/h.
2. Fully enclosed ink stack with long-time moisturizing and automatic cleaning function.


3. 400W high power servo motor with the greater driving force, faster speed, and more stable printing quality.
4. Anti-collision head carriage: The height of the head carriage can be adjusted freely according to different thickness heat transfer sublimation paper. anti-collision devices are added at both carriage sides to protect heads.


5. Inflatable Heavy-duty air shaft media feeding and take-up system: The feeding and taking-up system supports 1500m full roll of 40 gsm heat transfer paper, and supports a maximum 40cm diameter paper roll. The unique dancing tension shafts ensure that dye sublimation paper is evenly stressed with no wrinkle.
6. High-end quality accessories: Double Japanese THK ultra-quiet guide rails, which ensure the accuracy of the equipment and the stability of long-time textile sublimation printing work.
If you have the ultra-wide and high-speed textile sublimation printing requirements, the FEDAR FD5328E dye sublimation printer’s high-precision and stability will be your efficient helper.