Guangzhou SDPE &DPTC Fair

February 05, 2018

I have participated in Digital Textile& Personal Tailor Clothing Expo 2017 of Guangzhou, lead time from 21st Nov to 23th Nov. There are many printers in it, for example, FD680 Double plate direct to print T-shirt, FD6194E Transfer paper printer, FD1868 Inkjet Direct to Polyester, FD1828 Inkjet direct to cotton, heater.

To customers, we bring new technology for them to study. Now we are learning it together.

FD680 with 1024 starfire printhead, the first one to created support wet printing and dry printing solution with one ink in global, 5 colors to print, CMYK and white, ink type water based pigment, outcome can reach 120pieces per hour, printing area up to 60cm*90cm, printable substrates include cotton, linen, silk and more. The FD680 is aimed at Fonta small batch orders of pure digital spray printing solutions. The device can realize fast proofing, and other goods can fully meet the current needs of fast fashion.

Guangzhou SDPE

FD 1828 roll to roll printer is direct to print cotton, linen, silk and more. Leader of cotton printing, high resolution high speed high efficiency, hybrid printer for roller and cloth pieces. There are 4 Epson 5113 printheads, the industrial speed is 100sqm per hour, print speed up to 3200dpi, print width 1800mm, duel color with CMYK, three type ink: pigment, disperse, reactive.

FD1868 roll to roll printer, industrial design, support for 7 consecutive days 24 hours per day uinterrupted work, scratch resistant long service life, the top speed is 120sqm per hour with 4 stfire 1024 printhead, print resolution is 600x600dpi,e 2 media width 1800mm or 3200mm can choose, printable substrates include cotton, linen, silk and more, ink type: pigment, disperse, reactive ink. It own automatic ink loss detection system, direct to print fabric. Color is vivid.

FD1628 flatbed textile printer, we adopt end technology, it print cotton linen, silk and more with Epson 5113 printhead, based colors include CMYK and high resolution 1440x1440dpi, speed reach 80sqm per hour, have steady system, deal with large capacity of work.

In fair, after sale service is worried by clients, we have 15 month give to guarantee, for operating printer we have technician to teach you how to do it , we also take OEM.We`ll create new idea to make better printer, use end technology to update the printer system and change the part with new hardware.

This is what`s trending today.