10 advantages of Fedar FD6194E sublimation printer

December 06, 2019

After decades of researching and developing, Fedar Sublimation has been a famous brand in the textile sublimation printer industry and has created great brand influence at home and abroad. All of our equipment are independently developed and produced, including the four head sublimation printer FD6194E.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

This FD6194E is our hot-sale model and many customers have expressed great praise for it, it has amazing printing speed 2PASS 150sqm/h. We displayed the heat transfer printer in many exhibitions, like FESPA, ITMA, Sign China and ShanghaiTex Expo. Now, let me show you the 10 advantages of Fedar FD6194E:

1. Equipped with bulk ink supply system, it can keep printers work more stable and the printing time is longer with the constant ink support.

2. Use international advanced RIP software: Maintop/Photoprint/Onyx, the printing quality is better and more realistic.

3. Both the servo and stepping systems are driven by China famous high-quality brushless integrated Leadshine motor with high-precision linear decoding, less error, higher precision and more stable operation.

4. The intelligent ink starving alarm system will reduce the tediousness of frequently checking ink margin, and promptly reminds you to add ink to ensure the continuity of printing work.

5. FD6194E uses high-quality THK mute guide rail and slider, it has high precision, low noise and long time lifespan.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

6. Use United States imported fluoro rubber pressure roller, the anti-static rubber roller can make the paper feeding more smooth to reduce wrinkles in the printing proces

7. The anti-collision car can be adjusted freely with different distance between printhead and printing platform according to different printing media, anti-collision devices are added at both sides of the car to protect the print heads.

8. Automatic Capping Station can protect, moisturize and clean head efficiently and conveniently to Keep ink supply system work fluently.

9. Equipped with double Intelligent heating system, it will automatically adjust the heating rate when the printing speed change.

10. Use air shaft media feeding and take-up system, the air-shaft system has Large-load bearing capacity, it can take about 500 meters of heat transfer paper and have long work life.

 Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

If you want to know more details about our ultra-high-speed dye sublimation printer FD6194E, just give us an inquiry and we will respond as soon as possible.