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April 28, 2020

With the progress of the times and technological innovation, sublimation printer have emerged in the industry by virtue of advanced digital printing technology, and have become the choice of more and more people. Especially in regions with relatively developed economies, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, the proportion of  sublimation printer continues to increase. The more economically developed areas, the greater the proportion of sublimation printer , which is the inevitable trend of economic development to a certain stage.

Fedar with this situation, it is very necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of sublimation printer in advance, especially the traditional printing people.


Working principle of sublimation printer:

The printing pattern of the sublimation printer is input into the computer in digital form, then the computer performs color measurement, color matching, and spray printing. The pattern is printed on the thermal transfer paper, and finally transferred to the cloth through high temperature.

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Significant advantages of sublimation printer:

1. Good printing effect

High printing accuracy, rich and vivid colors, natural transition, and clear patterns.


2. Personalized customization

No plate-making, flexible batch, no pattern restrictions, and images can be modified arbitrarily, both single-piece production and mass production can be achieved, with short production cycle and fast delivery speed.


3. Environmental protection and no pollution

Low energy consumption, low pollution, low noise, no waste water in the entire printing process, low noise, is a real pollution-free production technology.


4. Fast response

The production cycle is greatly shortened, no plate-making or one-time molding is required, and all products can be printed with one-key operation. The reaction speed is fast, the flexibility is high, and the production batch is not limited. For small batch production, even the same day delivery can be achieved, which is desirable.


5. cut costs

The sublimation printer occupies a small area and does not require a large workshop, saving space and space costs. The operation of the digital printing machine is intelligent and automated, and one operator can watch the normal operation of multiple devices, which greatly saves labor costs.


Scope of sublimation printer:

Applicable fields: clothing, home furnishing, home textile, advertising, etc.

Applicable fabrics: polyester, chemical fiber, chiffon, double crepe, polyester cotton, etc.

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Digital printing technology prints up to 16.7 million colors, breaking through the limitation of traditional printing and dyeing technology, and achieving high-precision printing of various gradient colors, high-density colors, light colors, and moire. In addition, traditional printed patterns are often limited by the length of "flower back", and the concept of "flower back" does not exist in the process of digital printing, which greatly expands the space of textile pattern design and improves the quality of products.


The unrestricted design of digital printing machines has opened new ideas for printing pattern design, promoted the innovation of printing pattern design, and at the same time provided customers with richer printing solutions.


Practical application case:

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