Attention to the use of the print head of digital printing machine Reasons for print head failure

July 02, 2018

First, when the ink accumulates to a certain extent it will clog the orifice outside.

This is a common print head clogging, because ink must volatilize into the air to make the picture dry. Ink is a kind of vaporized liquid, volatile in the air and clear solid matter. When the orifice is sprayed into the cloth, there is always a part of the ink around it. This part of ink dries in the air and slowly causes the orifice to become smaller and even clogs the orifice, which is why we often wash the print head.

Second, the filter screen blocking inside the print head caused the print head out of ink.The longer used print heads, especially in factories where painting tasks are not full and often shut down at night, the ink does not flow in the print head for a longer period of time and is easily adsorbed on the wall of an internal filter or ink channel. Reducing the surface of ink flow will also cause the print head out of ink.

Third, the fault of driving circuit. The aging of the electronic original device of the driving circuit and the excessive accumulation of dry ink dirt may affect the voltage of the driving print head and cause the print head out of ink or spray unstable amount of ink.

Fourth, frequent exchange of ink.When the print head may not be protected while changing ink in many cases, also affect the inkjet state.

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Precautions in daily use:

1. Cleaning solution is corrosive, so it is recommended to take appropriate amount into the print head for cleaning.

2. The mixing of two different kinds of inks will change the color and quality of the ink. And the poor quality of the ink will affect the inkjet productiveness and clog the print head.

3. Do not use brute force when changing or fine-tuning the print head, please treat the print head with caution in accordance with the specifications.

4. When the power switch is not turned off and the total power supply is not cut off, the circuit of the digital printing machine should not be installed arbitrarily, which will damage the service life of each system and endanger the print head.

5. Do not remove the print head from the printer and place it in a dusty place. The moisture in the ink will gradually evaporate and the dry ink will cause nozzle clog. If nozzle clogging occurs, use it after cleaning.

Attention to manual cleaning:

manual cleaning should follow the steps in the operation requirements. In addition, during cleaning, a small rubber tube can be placed in the front of the medical syringe, which can be rinsed with a strictly filtered cleaning liquid. When washing, a magnifying glass is used to carefully observe the orifice. If there is silt residue next to the orifice, it can be removed by soft rubber products. The integrated printing head not used for a long time due to dry ink blocked orifice, can be soaked in hot water before cleaning.

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Also pay attention to the following steps:

Do not use sharp articles to clean the print head.

Do not crash the print head; do not touch the print head with the hands.

Do not dismantle and install the print head in a live state.

Do not use the hand or other objects to touch the print head on the electrical contact. 

Do not unload the print head from the printer and do not place the print head in a dusty place.