Come see it! Winter Fedar Sublimation printer maintenance manual

February 13, 2019

As we all know, in the north of the winter, the trees are dying and the wind is biting, so in such a dry and cold weather, how can the northern users let the Sublimation printer through the cold winter?


The Sublimation printer has high requirements on the working environment. The temperature in the northern part of the country is very low. The Sublimation printer is prone to oblique spray, flying ink, and drawing. Therefore, before using the printing machine, the user should preheat the working environment of the printing machine with a heating fan or a hair dryer in advance, and the temperature is kept at 15-30 °C, which is beneficial to the printing machine to maintain the best working condition and improve the printing effect. Conditionally, a thermometer can be placed to observe the temperature change in the room at any time.


Air conditioning or heating is generally used in the interior of the north, and the air becomes extraordinarily dry, which is very prone to generate a lot of static electricity. Excessive static electricity may increase the loss of electronic components, causing short-circuiting of the printer and reducing the life of the nozzle. Therefore, the user should turn on the humidifier at the same time to keep the air humidity at 35%-65%. At the same time, the user should pay attention to keep a certain distance between the humidifier and the printing machine, avoiding the water vapor from directly blowing the printing machine chassis to prevent the water ball from condensing and causing the card to be short-circuited. The user must connect a ground wire to the printing machine, so that the static electricity removal effect is better.

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Compared with the south, the north is stronger in winter and it is very easy to dust and increase the dust in the working environment of the printing machine. Dust adhering to the nozzle of theSublimation printer can easily cause the nozzle to become clogged, causing the print to be broken. Therefore, the user must keep the working environment of the printing machine clean and tidy, pay attention to the regular maintenance of the nozzle. In addition, the printing car is returned to the position in time after the printing work is finished, so that the nozzle and the ink stack are kept in close contact.


In winter, the ink density of theSublimation printer will become large, and it is easy to block the nozzle. Therefore, the user must polish his eyes when purchasing ink, and do not buy inferior ink cheaply. Should choose the ink with good weather resistance and good quality, it is best to original original ink, such as flying butterfly ink, using imported raw materials, printing is smooth, affected by temperature, long-term output continuous line. Finally, the ink is stored in an environment of 15-30 °C.


These are the common maintenance and maintenance points of the Sublimation printer in winter. If you encounter any problems during the winter use of Fedar Sublimation printer, you can consult us.