Digital printing machine with high reputation. Come and get it !

August 24, 2018

As the saying goes, "The wine is not afraid of the deep alley", it can be seen how important the quality and reputation of the product. The digital printing machine market is chaotic, the quality is not uniform, both good and.Only the great reputation machine can stand in an invincible position. Today, I will introduce some digital printing machines with a lot of word of mouth. Come !

The reputation of the product is built on the quality, and the good digital printing machine has an explosion-level word-of-mouth effect. The reliable quality of an excellent printing machine is mainly reflected in the company's strength, scientific research strength, product details and so on. The strength and scientific research power of Fedar are very strong. At the same time, we are striving for excellence in product details, and we are committed to creating a digital printing machine that allows customers to use comfortably.


Fedar-H1 high-end digital printing machine will carry out the concept of “color as the shape” in the production. Every factory printing machine has exquisite printing effect, the use experience is worry-free, and the used customers are full of praise.

{C}1) {C}Diversified product configuration: Fedar-H1 high-end digital printing machine adopts Epson 5113 nozzle, with both speed and precision, and the printing effect is exquisite. Epson nozzles are available in three-head and two-head configurations, allowing customers to choose the right assembly for their needs.

{C}2) {C}Humanized technical innovation: two-stage heating, uniform heating of materials, good coloration, beautiful and delicate output picture; automatic paper measuring and anti-mite function, automatic pause of printing when the material is edged, preventing scratching of the nozzle and reducing material waste ,save costs.

{C}3) {C}Imported high-end accessories: Japan imported THK mute rails, the United States imported Viton rubber pressure roller, Germany Igus chain and so on.High-quality accessories improve the performance of Fedar-H1 high-end digital printing machine. In the choice of accessories, Fedar high-end digital printing machine, regardless of the expensive, only use the most suitable accessories.