Dye-Sublimation: The New Era of Printing

June 06, 2019

Digital printing has slowly taken over traditional printing methods like screen-printing and more. The main reason is: digital printing methods offer designs are customizable, flexible and machines are versatile. What’s more, cost-efficiency is one other motivation for businesses opting for digital printing technology. Fedar printer- the leading enterprise of sublimation printer in China.

Dye-sublimation printing is the new printing technology that makes use of heat sensitive inks which turn into gas upon the influence of heat and combine with the 100% polyester medium. It allows printed images to remain crack-free and not lose vibrancy of its colors, look much more realistic and have a better true-tone color matching as well even after multiple washes.

 Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

The main difference between a dye-sublimation printer and an inkjet printer is that in the latter, colors are not put down as individual dots, which is true in the former. It merges with the material itself after permeating the surface of the solid through the gaseous state of the inks when under high temperature heating. Fedar sublimation printer use Epson3200 heads, which can achieve 3200DPI high-resolution output.

The technique include two process in printing: first, the image is printed onto a special transfer paper for sublimation for the inks. Then the ink on the transfer paper is transported to the item using a heat press. The entire process of dye-sublimation printing requires a variety of quality materials for the best possible print, it is best for such personalized printing for time-sensitive marketing campaigns.

 Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Because of such benefits, which includes the richer quality of images and designs, that come at such a low cost, dye-sublimation printing is becoming a lot more popular among companies looking to brand at a larger scale and is taking customized printing to another level. Fedar printer is your best choice in sublimation printing market.