FD6196E High Speed Dye Sublimation Printer with Six 3200 Heads

November 29, 2019

1.Six EPS3200 Printheads

Very crazy and amazing printhead,mutifunctionally,accept almost all ink in the market,including eco solvent ink,water-based indoor ink,sublimation ink and even UV ink!

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2. Anti-collision Carriage

The distance between printhead and printing platform can be adjusted freely according to different printing consumables. Anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for printheads.

3. Advanced Capping Station

Equipped with advanced intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device, it provides safe and convenient printhead cleaning and maintenance functions,which can also pump ink well and keep the ink flow fluently. Operation and maintenance is more convenient.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

4.Large Capacity & Two Stage Ink Reservoirs

Four units of 3L super large capacity ink reservoirs provide ink independently and continuously, which guarantees the long-term continuity of ink output,and keep wide format high-speed printing wonderfully.

Two stage ink supply system provides more guarantee for non-stop ink output.

5. Intelligent Ink Starving Alarm

Intelligent ink deficiency alert reduces the tediousness of frequently checking ink margin, and promptly reminds to add ink to ensure the continuity of printing work.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

6.Air Shaft Media Feeding and Take-up System

When working it’s not necessary to fix the printing media with other accessories, just use the pressure of air to adjust automatically,which can offer uniform force to make the paper movement smoother. This  system has the characteristics of 

1. large load bearing capacity.

2. long service life.

3. Uniform force on media feeding and collecting.

4. Short aeration and deflation operation time, etc.

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7.Wide Application

With help of heat transfer machine,printed images can be transferred to many different non-elastic material, such as polyester,chiffon, silk, and flag banner. No limit on the patterns makes it a good choice in decoration, garment and advertising field.

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