FEDAR sublimation printer heating in the front, middle and back three sections?

June 11, 2020

In order to make the printing material dry faster when the sublimation printer is printing media, in addition to turning on the external drying system, there is also a very important function inside the machine-three-stage heating in front, middle and back. Today, let’s take a look.

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The three-stage heating in the front, middle and back is the heating in three different positions of the main unit of the photo machine, which ensures the quality and drying speed of the output picture.

When the sublimation printer is printing, the printing medium is transported on the printing platform after being heated to the front heating direction, so we will talk about the role of the three-stage heating in sequence according to the transport direction of the printing medium.

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Post-heating is to preheat the printing medium before the material enters the printing area, and heat it to the ideal temperature to enhance the material's absorption of ink and avoid ink flying, wire drawing, blooming and other phenomena.

Medium heating is the continuous heating during the printing process. Before the penetration occurs, the ink on the medium is dried to improve the colorability. Ensure that the ink and media are well fused and the paper absorbs ink evenly 

The main function of pre-heating is to speed up ink drying and achieve stable winding. Especially for images with heavy color and thick inkjet, the front heating function becomes more important.

Front, middle and rear heating temperature control panel

The temperature can be adjusted in real time, 6 preset temperature modes to meet different printing needs.

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The three-stage heating system in front, middle and back is an indispensable part of the rapid printout of the sublimation printer. It participates in the whole process of printing the output map of the sublimation printer and escorts it for the whole process.