Fedar FD6196E-3200 Digital Sublimation Printer

April 02, 2020

Fedar FD6196E-3200 digital sublimation printer is a high-speed six-head printing equipment developed by the Fedar team based on a large number of market research and customer demand feedback. Once this device came out, it won the favor of customers at home and abroad. For example, at a German exhibition this spring, a German customer ordered 48 units at a time; many domestic customers also started with 10 units, and Fedar Textile has demonstrated its outstanding quality to the public with a good sales report.

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The reason why the Fedar FD6196E digital sublimation printer can cause such a great response in the industry is mainly based on its ultra-high printing speed, which can reach 200 square meters per hour. In the actual printing process, the speed may fluctuate in a small range depending on the pattern and color.

Many customers will ask when choosing Fedar printing equipment, why can the flying butterfly FD6196E-3200 digital sublimation printer have such a high speed? And how to ensure the stability under high-speed printing? Today, Fedar Textile Sublimation Printer will explain it to you in detail.


1. Six-nozzle configuration

The Fedar FD6196E-3200 digital sublimation printer is equipped with six Epson EPS3200 print heads. Compared with the two-head and three-head devices common in the market, the number of print heads has doubled, and the speed has also been improved. The speed in the 2pass printing mode is as high as 200㎡ / h. The nozzle adopts TFP thin-film piezoelectric technology + 2.5pl variable dot ink drop function to precisely locate the ink drop, the image color layer is richer and fuller, and the printing effect is more exquisite.

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2. Industrial design

 The entire frame is welded from square steel and industrial-grade design. The whole frame is sturdy and stable, ensuring the equipment is stable and does not shake during high-speed printing of the photo machine.

The six nozzles are arranged in a staggered manner, which can effectively eliminate feathering and stepping passes, ensuring high-quality output in high-speed printing mode.

The dual-rail design ensures more accurate and stable operation of the small frame.

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3.Inflatable shaft rewinding system

During the operation, there is no need to fix the printing medium with the help of other accessories, and the air pressure is used for automatic adjustment. Make the force even, and make the paper smoother. The rewinding and rewinding system can rewind 1,000 meters of paper, and has the characteristics of large load weight, long service life, uniform pressure for rewinding and rewinding, and short operation time for inflation and deflation.

Compared with other rewinding and rewinding systems, the rewinding and rewinding system can retract 1,000 meters of paper at one time, eliminating the need for frequent paper feeding operations, greatly saving manpower and time, and also providing continuous high-speed printing of equipment. Protection. The unique swing lever in the roll-up and roll-off system ensures that the paper is uniformly stressed during the entire printing process and the paper is flat and compact.

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4.High-end quality accessories

The Fedar FD6196E-3200 digital sublimation printer is equipped with high-end quality accessories to further improve the stability of the equipment. Such as Japan's THK silent linear guide, Germany's Igus ink chain, Leisai brushless integrated motor, the United States imported fluorine rubber pressure roller, etc., to ensure the equipment's printing accuracy and long-term work stability.

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5.Humanized function

The Fedar digital sublimation printer is more user-friendly in design, perfecting overall functions from details, and realizing intelligent, automated and industrialized equipment. Such as the secondary ink supply system, intelligent drying system, intelligent ink shortage / waste ink alarm system, original two-dimensional feather print function, a new integrated intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, etc., making the operation of the device easier and more convenient.

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Customers have given high praise to the printing speed of the flying butterfly FD6196E-3200 digital sublimation printer. All customers have stated that in actual applications, the printing speed of this device has exceeded the official speed of FEDAR.

In addition to its excellent quality and strength, FD6196E-3200 has its incomparable advantages compared to other similar types of equipment and traditional printing equipment.

Fedar FD6196E-3200 digital sublimation printer condenses ingenuity and precision production, it represents Fedar spinning printing's focus on the digital printing industry, represents Fedar spinning printing's determination to study technology, and also shows that Fedar spinning printing Undertake responsibility for developing domestic printing equipment.

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The market is changing rapidly, and only by possessing core technologies can an enterprise thrive and remain invincible. Fedar spinning printing always puts the pursuit of technology first, and unremittingly carries out technological innovation and equipment upgrades. In the future, Fedar digital printing opportunities will be better and more scientific and technological.