Fedar Organized Technical Training in June

July 10, 2019

In order to let our staff have a deeper understanding of the sublimation printers, Fedar organized technical training in Zhengzhou's factory.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

On the first day, everybody was eager to learn more knowledge about sublimation printers. In the beginning, the training guiders displayed some demo sublimation printers and then told the learners about every printer’s detailed information, operation skills, and installation methods. Then they showed how to judge a sublimation printer’s problem and the way to fix it. After some days of learning, everybody is able to fix the printers’ daily problems and learned a lot about the technical parameters. They said that this technical training was very useful for after-sales service, now they can solve the customers’ problems more efficiently .

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

As a leading company of digital printers in China, Fedar will always produce the best quality printers and offer efficient after-sales service for our customers.