Finely crafted, finely cast, a generation of classics

February 19, 2020

The introduction of a good digital printing machine is inseparable from the numerous research and experiments of R&D personnel.

The success of a good digital printing machine is inseparable from the craftsmanship and superior quality of the equipment itself.

The Fedar digital sublimation textile printer is meticulously crafted and refined to achieve a classic generation.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Fedar digital sublimation textile printer starts from the details, strictly controls all production links, specializes and standardizes the production process, and at the same time, it has higher requirements and high standards on the basis of industry standards, and fundamentally guarantees the high quality of products.

In addition, in order to further improve the performance of the equipment, the Fedar digital sublimation textile printer all use high-quality accessories, such as Epson industrial-grade nozzle, Japan imported THK mute guide, Germany igus ink chain, Leadshine brushless integrated motor, imported quality Mimaki Powerful paper suction fan, intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the future will surely be the world of digital printing. Among them, the digital printing machine will stand out from the crowd with its unique price advantage and after-sales advantage. In the printing and dyeing industry, we must keep abreast of the changes in the times and make timely replacements of equipment.