Four mistakes that you should know to avoid reducing Fedar sublimation printer's life

October 18, 2019

Do you know how to increase sublimation printer's life and the profits of manufacturers and enterprises? The tip is paying attention to the daily maintenance of the sublimation printer. Today Fedar will share the 4 big mistakes that influence sublimation printer's life, and I hope that this will help our customers to increase their awareness to reduce the unnecessary loss.

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1, Don't care about indoor dustproof work.

The core part of a sublimation printer is the printhead, and a lot of problems are also related to printheads. If Fedar sublimation printer works in a dusty environment, the dust may go to the main ink tank and then the whole ink flow system, our sublimation printers Fedar FD1900, FD5193E and FD6194E all use Epson 3200 head (also called 4720), every single head has 3200 nozzles , finally, it will block the printhead's nozzles to influence the printing quality. There is also a possibility that the printhead will be totally damaged. So it is very important to put the printer in a cleanroom.

2, Touching the printhead with a sharp object

The surface of a dye sublimation printhead is easy to be worn when you touch it with a sharp object, and it will influence the printing quality and occur the situation of ink loss and banding strip in the printing process.

 Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

3, Don't maintain the printer regularly

Every part of a sublimation printer should be cleaned and maintained regularly, this is an efficient way to prolong the life of a textile printer. If you will not use the printer for a long time, you need to clean the moisturizing capping station, damper, wiper, decoder strip and printhead in regular time.

4, Don't use the printer-matched ink.

For a sublimation printer, ink is the most important consumable material. The smoothness of ink will directly affect the printing quality and the working life of related accessories. So my advice is that using high-quality ink, if the digital printing machine manufacturer has matching ink, it is recommended to give priority, or choose the ink brand recommended by the manufacturer. We also suggest our customers buy Fedar textile sublimation printer’s original ink, we have tested our ink for a long time, and we will always provide the best dye sublimation solution.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.