How to deal with ink blocking problem of digital printing machine?

October 30, 2019

Fedar digital printing machine printhead is a kind of precision parts which with high precisionand small nozzles , if the use of poor quality ink or operation is not standard, may lead to blocking ink. Therefore, we must pay attention to the standard operation in the process of using the Fedar sublimation printing machine, but also to understand some printing machine ink blocking treatment method, so as not to be in trouble when the problem appears.

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How to avoid blocking ink on Fedar dye sublimation printing machine

1. First of all, the operation of the Fedar digital printing machine should be standardized. The test strip must be printed before starting up and using it to test the printing status of the printhead. After the printing is completed, the printhead should return to the capping station in time to prevent the printhead from being exposed to air for a long time without working, which may lead to ink condensation and block the nozzle.

2. Second, avoid using poor quality ink. The quality of the raw materials used for inferior ink is very poor, with large particles and impurities, which can easily block the nozzles, resulting in broken line and lack of color of the Fedar digital printing machine. Therefore, it is recommended that you can choose to buy high-quality ink, preferred manufacturers original ink, quality assurance and better compatibility with equipment.

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How to deal with ink blocking of Fedar printing machine

1. First of all, when the ink blocking of the printhead is not very serious, we should first use the cleaning function of the equipment to clean the ink. If the nozzle blocking is serious, we should take off the printhead and soak it in the cleaning liquid for cleaning.

2. Second, according to the actual situation to determine the cause of ink blocking, the printing process appears gradually broken ink, the reason may be from damper or printhead, the damper is dirty or the printhead is aging, at this time you need to replace the damper and printhead. If the printhead always appears suddenly broken ink during printing process, and it is very serious, this kind of broken ink is caused by ink, should be replaced with high-quality ink.

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