How to keep images sublimation printer by photo machine longer?

April 15, 2020

Because the color picture is bright and colorful, it is easy to attract attention, so the picture printed by the photo machine is deeply loved by users. But we can often see that many advertisements fade in a short time, which not only affects the output of the advertisement, but also destroys the beauty. So how can the printed screen of the photo machine be kept longer?

Main causes of image fading:

The first is ultraviolet damage. Ultraviolet (UV) is the number one killer of images. Especially for inkjet images, an unprotected dye (DYE) ink inkjet image will fade in less than a day in the sun. The second is that the dye in the ink encounters some redox-containing substances that cause the chemical structure of the dye to change, resulting in fading.

Second, the ink used by the photo machine for indoor and outdoor images is different. Indoor photo printers use water-based ink, not waterproof sunscreen; outdoor photo printers use oil-based ink, although oil-based ink has a waterproof sunscreen function, but different ink functions are also different.

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Main measures to prevent image fading:


For the pictures printed by water-based ink, they are mostly used indoors. It is necessary to do waterproof and anti-sip to ensure the long-term beautiful pictures. Laminating is a good choice. Not only can save the picture of the picture, but also make the picture better waterproof, anti-corrosion, etc., and not easy to fade, yellowing, etc., so as to improve the artistic appeal and shelf life of the picture.


For the screen printed by oily ink, it needs to be considered to protect the image in many aspects when used outdoors. For ultraviolet radiation, you can mainly choose good quality inks and substrates, and if possible, oily (pigment) inks; you can also use UV-resistant coating over glue; the most direct way is to choose a place without direct sunlight to hang the map.

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The lattice formed by the pigment molecules in the oil-based ink can absorb the energy of ultraviolet rays and disperse the energy of destroying the color. Because of this characteristic, the pigment ink has good color durability, but this characteristic also makes the image color dark and Easy to block the nozzle. Therefore, choosing a high-quality ink is especially critical.