Importance of using original ink for sublimation printer machine

May 21, 2020

Many customers will be told to use the original ink of the manufacturer when buying a photo machine, rather than buying ink themselves. This situation is very common, and sometimes customers have doubts about whether the seller so demanded for profiteering. In fact, the following will explain why you should use the original ink of the machine.


The reason why we recommend you to use original ink is that it is because the use of original ink has many advantages. Everyone knows that the clogging of the nozzle is a failure that many friends have encountered. Most of these failures are caused by users who want to be cheap and choose other unknown Inferior quality ink, and these inks are not as pure as the original ink, and the impurities contained are naturally prone to cause nozzle clogging. The inks of photo machine manufacturers have passed rigorous tests of various indicators from development to production to ensure that they will not block the nozzles. If you buy other inks from the market, the seller ’s ink quality cannot be guaranteed, and of course it is not guaranteed to apply to the customer ’s corresponding photo machine, and the adverse consequences caused by the user must also be borne by the user.

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In addition, from the cost point of view, the price of a photo printer nozzle is relatively high, especially the Epson nozzle. If you break the nozzle just to save a little ink money, then you will not be able to compensate for it. In serious cases, you may delay customers. Orders, the loss will be even more serious.


Based on the above reasons, photo machine manufacturers remind the majority of users that photo machine inks must be original. Different inks have different properties and different chemical compositions. The original ink will not only block the print head, but also extend the life of the photo machine. At the same time, it can make the photo machine print more vivid colors, better saturation, and high quality printing The effect will also satisfy customers.