In order to make the printing effect good, how should the ink of the digital printing machine be selected?

July 13, 2018

As a very important printing consumable, ink directly affects the printing effect of digital printing machines. Good ink can restore color very well and the printout is also very beautiful. But not too good ink not only has a poor printing effect, but also damages the life of digital printing machines. Therefore, the choice of digital printing machine ink must be cautious.

What principles should be followed in the selection of ink for digital printing machines?

First and foremost, the low price of ink must not buy. As the saying goes, you get what you pay.  If the price is too low, the quality is bound to be a big discount, whether it is fluency or the reduction of its color has certain deficiencies. In addition, low-priced and inferior inks contain more impurities, which can block the nozzles when use a long time, and thereby damage the life of the nozzles. 

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Secondly, it is best to choose the original ink produced by the printing machine manufacturer. Original inks are generally tested by the manufacturer for a long time, so the performance is relatively stable and it can guarantee the printing effect. And the original ink has good compatibility with the printing machine nozzle. It is not easy to block the nozzle and damage the printhead.  It can also ensure that the machine can maintain the best working condition anytime and anywhere.

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Finally, you must choose a formal channel to buy the ink. Now the network is developed and online shopping is also very convenient. But security and quality are a major hidden danger of online shopping. Many stores have inaccurate purchase channels, shoddy, and have a lot of quality problems. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy ink through regular channels, such as offline sales agents or online official authorized stores. The  ink for printing machine is an indispensable consumable in printing work, so do not choose it casually. Be careful please.

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The above is the selection point of inks for digital printing machine , let's get it!