Judging criteria for the quality of transfer paper

August 04, 2018

Due to the increasing pollution level of traditional printing and the increasing environmental protection requirements, inkjet thermal transfer paper spring up like bamboo shoots after spring rain and  like "virus" spread rapidly in dyeing and printing industry. At the same time, the salesmanship and words of the salesmen of various manufacturers are almost full of tricks, and the consumers will be confused by the salesman if they are not careful. The following is our company to provide you with a way to judge the quality of thermal transfer paper, and we hope to help more people to buy good quality thermal transfer paper.

1. The smoothness of the printing 

Smoothness of printing includes paper feeding and printing performance. When users choose transfer paper, the seller should provide a few meters of sublimation transfer paper first, which is easier to identify the quality.

(1) Appearance of paper  

First of all, Please pay attention to whether the paper roll is tight, unwinding and winding should be flat, the paper is not skewed and the paper edge is not curled. The paper is also free of wrinkles and stains.


(2) Clarity of printing

Printing the test patterns in high precision mode. Requirements: 1. lines should be clear and not divergent; 2. There are no obvious edges on the edges of the lines; 3.  lines are not blurred.

Notice to users: drying speed, print clarity and transfer rate are mutually restrained but contradictory. Please do not overly demand the drying speed. Just ensure that the ink does not stick to the back of the paper when it is rolled.

So the key points you need to consider for transfer paper are: 1. Will not scratch the nozzle. 2. Uniform and delicate color and no print through

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2. Print flatness, uniformity and drying speed 

Print 1 meter long black color block with 720×720dpi, 260% ink.

Requirements: 1. print wrinkle height is small (do not scrape the nozzle and leave a safe distance) 2. Surface of color block has no white spots or no obvious white spots. 3. There are no black spots on the back of the color blocks (there is no print through) 4. Touch the freshly printed color block with your finger to the standard of non-stick, and the drying time is no more than 9 minutes (this is the standard for ordinary quick-drying paper, and for quick-drying paper is no more than 90 seconds).

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Finally, I hope that the printing factory will be able to buy the high quality of the thermal transfer paper.