Maintenance class: printing machine autumn maintenance knowledge

August 31, 2018

Autumn is coming, and it’s time to learn the autumn maintenance knowledge of the printing machine. Are you ready? Please follow us to see what the maintenance knowledge of printing machine autumn is.

Above all, autumn day is dry thing dry, static electricity is the harm that defends above all. Static electricity cannot be eliminated, but it can reduce the generation or transfer of static electricity. If the printing machine does not deal with the static electricity in time, it will not only affect the quality of the printing picture, but also may cause irreversible damage to the printing machine's sprinkler head and electronic components.


Three tips for anti-static printing machine:


1. The manufacturer of the printing machine will reserve the position of the grounding line for each outgoing printing machine, and give tips on how to grounding the line. Therefore, it is necessary to do the wiring work according to the prompts, and import the static electricity generated by the printing machine into the earth, so as to reduce the probability of electrostatic damage to the equipment.


2. Select appropriate printing speed. When the printing machine works normally, the friction between trolley frame and guide rail, printing medium and pressure paper wheel will produce static electricity. The larger the printing speed is, the higher the probability of generating a lot of static electricity, so the printing machine is not the faster the better.


3. Control the humidity of printing machine working environment. It is well known that the drier the weather, the easier it is to generate static electricity, so maintaining the humidity of the printing machine working environment is key. The optimal working environment humidity of Fedar printing machine is 35%-65%. It is recommended to keep the working environment humidity within this range.


Next, with the increasingly strong sense of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night will be larger and larger, low-quality ink is easy to appear precipitation, so we suggest that the ink we use must choose weather-resistant ink. It is recommended that you use the original factory ink, such ink not only has strong weather ability, but also has good compatibility with the printing machine produced by the manufacturer, which can maximize the printing effect of the printing machine.


Finally, in the autumn, dry things will inevitably lead to dust. The nozzle of the printing machine is very small, and the harm of tiny dust can not be ignored. Remember to cover the lid after using the printing machine, and the printing machine nozzle must be closely attached to the ink stack to prevent dust and ink from drying and blocking the nozzle.


    These are the autumn maintenance points for Fedar printing machine, and hoping to help you.