Maintenance of FEDAR Sublimation Printer:Which parts should be cleaned regularly?

August 15, 2019

FEDAR sublimation printer can not work properly without the cooperation of thousands of small parts. When some small parts appear a little problem, it will affect the normal operation of the FEDAR digital printing machine. Therefore, for some parts of FEDAR printing equipment, we must do regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it in the best working condition.

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The Printhead of Fedar sublimation printer

Print head is an indispensable core part of the Fedar digital printing machine, Fedar digital sublimation printer uses Epson 4720 print head ,max resolution: 3200Dpi. When the nozzle of the head is slightly blocked, Just clean it by using the Fully sealed auto moisturing and cleaning function of the Fedar sublimation machine; When the nozzle is seriously blocked, it is necessary to take off the print head and put it into the cleaning solution for soaking.

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Guide Rail of Fedar Printing Machine

Maintenance for digital printing machine’s guide rail is a step-by-step process.

First, start the sublimation printing machine power supply, make the carriage back and forth sliding a few times, the dirt inside the slider will remain in the guide rail. Repeat several times, then wipe off the dirt with a paper.

Secondly, the guide rail should be cleaned and maintained every day after finishing the printing work, Use a clean cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe the dirt off the guide, then wipe the guide rail with a clean cloth dipped in a little sewing machine oil.

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Encoder Strip of Fedar Printer

Encoder strip is a transparent film behind the carriage frame, which mainly plays the role of positioning. If the encoder strip is dirty, there will be problems such as double image, dislocation, etc. So it is recommended to clean the encoder strip regularly

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Capping Station of Fedar Dye Sublimation Printer

The wiper and capping station core will be slowly stained with ink and dust after Fedar printing machine work for a period of time. If not cleaned in time, it may cause ink dripping or nozzle blockage and other phenomena. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the ink stains and impurities on the blade and ink stack regularly by using the cotton swab with cleaning liquid. If the wiper has been deformed or damaged, a new blade should be replaced.Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.