Pay attention to the use of sublimation printer in high temperature in summer

May 29, 2020

As a high-precision digital printing device, the sublimation printer has certain requirements on the temperature and humidity of the environment during the printing process. The general working temperature of the photo machine is best controlled at 15-30 degrees. Humidity is controlled at 35% -65%, under high temperature and hot environment, the use of sublimation printer should pay more attention, it is necessary to maintain normal working temperature and humidity.


What problems should be paid attention to when using the sublimation printer in a hot  environment?


First of all, in hot and hot weather, the working room temperature is higher than the normal use temperature required by the photo machine. With the piezoelectric photo machine as a precision digital printing device, in the process of printing, related electronic components, print nozzles and circuits will Heat, under high temperature environment, the accumulated heat cannot be dissipated in time, which will affect the normal use of the photo machine. Excessive temperature will easily cause the high temperature of the control board of the photo machine, which will affect the printing performance and seriously damage the chip and electronic components. Circuit etc.

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Secondly, high temperature has a great influence on the ink of the photo machine. The viscosity of the ink will change with the change of the ambient temperature. The viscosity will directly affect the ink output of the photo machine. Dry ability, etc., and the stability of the ink is determined by the ink viscosity, surface tension, volatility, fluency and other factors. Once the original balance of ink is broken, the photo machine will be disconnected during the printing process, and the picture will be blurred and blurred.

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In addition, the use of sublimation printer in high temperature weather, we must pay attention to maintain the normal ventilation of the sublimation printer working environment, whether it is natural ventilation or the installation of related air conditioning, fans and other ventilation equipment. This can not only achieve a cooling effect, so that the photo machine has a suitable working environment, but also can greatly reduce the odor emitted by the ink during the printing process of the sublimation printer.