Precautions for daily maintenance and safe electricity consumption of sublimation printer

June 02, 2020

If you want the sublimation printer to have a long service life, you must know the daily maintenance of the sublimation printer and the safety precautions.


FEDAR Digital Printing Machine summarizes 6 maintenance tips for everyone!


1. Be sure to connect the ground wire before turning on the power. Please turn off the power and cut off the power in time during the lightning. When the machine is not in use, make sure that the nozzle and the ink stack are completely closed and then turn off the power.

2. The print head test strip should be printed before printing out; when printing is stopped, the temperature control heating switch must be turned off.

3. In order to ensure the best output effect, please use original ink and equipped with brand regulator; prohibit the use of fans and air conditioners to directly blow the machine.

4.The working temperature is 15℃-30℃, the relative humidity is 35%-65%, and the working environment is controlled manually if necessary.

5. Lubricants are added to the guide rail every week; dust and debris around the power plug and power socket should be cleaned at least once a year.

6.Do not bundle or twist the power cord, and avoid using multiple devices with the same power socket to prevent short circuit.

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As a professional printing equipment, digital printing machine can't do without daily power support. Electricity is a very dangerous energy source, and everyone needs to be very careful when using it!


1. Do not use damaged or worn power cords. If the power cord is damaged, please do not handle it by yourself, otherwise it may cause leakage of electricity at the damaged place, which may cause fire or short circuit.

2. Make sure that the power cord is firmly inserted into the power socket, and pay attention not to tie or wrap the power cord. At the same time, avoid using multiple devices with the same power socket. The power socket of the printing machine must be dedicated.

3. Do not use a power cord that does not match the model of this product, and do not use the power supply voltage according to the instructions, otherwise it may cause fire or short circuit.

4. Static electricity is ubiquitous, and the printing machine will also generate static electricity in the normal working process. The harm of static electricity is well known. Therefore, it is recommended that the user must ground the printing machine.

5. Under normal circumstances, do not use additional power cords. If you must use an additional power cord, make sure that the current plugged into the device does not exceed the rated current of the power supply, and that the total current of all devices plugged into the socket does not exceed the rated current of the socket.

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