Principle analysis of VSDT variable dot technology

May 31, 2019

As we all know, each pattern is composed of droplets of different colors and sizes,the size of the droplets directly affects the effect of the picture.When the inkjet printing machine works in the traditional fixed ink drop printing mode, the printing color is excessively uneven and the overall picture looks rough, while the Fedar printing machine equipped with intelligent ink drop technology prints a delicate picture with bright colors.

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(Traditional fixed ink drop printing)  (VSDT variable dot technology printing)


So what is the VSDT variable dot technology?

VSDT variable dot technology is a technical term in the printing industry, which refers to the arbitrary control of the size of ink droplets ejected from the print head nozzles.

Fedar EPS3200 head sublimation machine is equipped with epson EPS3200 nozzle (also known as epson 4720 nozzle), which perfectly combines with intelligent variable ink drop technology, avoiding many printing defects in traditional mode.

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Fedar EPS3200 head dye sublimation printer

1. Epson micropiezo printhead work with VSDT, achieving 3200 dpi high-resolution output.

2. VSDT variable dot technology, smallest droplet is 2.5PL, achieving perfect printing.

3. The size of the ink droplets is variable, realizing the supply of ink on demand, accurate supply of ink. Not only ensure that the printing screen is delicate and realistic, but also can save ink to the greatest extent.

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