Print leads the future! Digital printing is the trend of the world

July 20, 2018

Technology is constantly innovating and the industry is changing with each passing day.The traditional printing technology has been quietly replaced by the new digital printing technology, and the digital printing fabric is growing at a steady rate every year, so the future printing world will inevitably be dominated by digital printing.Digital printing led to the future, the trend of The Times.

The reasons why digital printing technology can replace traditional technology can be analyzed from the following points.

Simple process

The tedious process of traditional printing is well known,requiring a series of processes such as dyeing, printing, water washing, etc., and a large amount of manpower is required.But digital printing process which can take shape at a time does not need to make a plate.Draft plans can be directly modified on the computer, it is very convenient. The current digital printing process has direct injection dyeing and thermal transfer printing.Compared with traditional printing techniques, they are very simple.

Environment-friendly and pollution-free

Traditional printing technology has a long history, and pollution has been passed down for thousands of years.With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, pollution has become a lifeline of every enterprise.Inevitably, pollution has become an important factor restricting the development of traditional printing machine technology.The digital printing machine technology has no such concerns. Modernization of the printing process, no pollution, low consumption, can meet the demands of today's era of development.

Personalized market

After China's reform and opening up, the economy has developed rapidly, and clothing has changed from a new need to fashion. More and more people pursue individuality.Traditional printing technology is a model of mass production, which cannot flexibly meet the ever-changing fashion demands.Because of its simplicity, the digital printing press can keep up with the fashion trend and meet the personalized needs of fashion.

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Digital printing is very promising, but it also has its own bottlenecks that need to be breached, which is the speed of the print.In a market where efficiency is money, speed is the primary condition for development, and it is easy to be left behind if speed is not kept up.The development of digital printing machine in the future should focus on how to improve the spray printing speed.