SJ-7180 Eco solvent printer gives you different color feeling

November 24, 2018

In the printing industry, the color of the printed picture is the most intuitive factor to measure the quality of the photo machine. Therefore, it is very important to choose a photo machine. Today, I will recommend a machine with excellent quality - SJ-7180 Eco solvent printer.

SJ-7180 has stable performance, high output efficiency, exquisite body, which is very suitable for centralized production in shops or factories. What's more important is its own printing technology, which can make the picture appear in abundance, let you feel the unusual color of the printed picture.

The SJ-7180 uses Epson's cutting-edge nozzle technology. The unique micro-piezoelectric printing technology controls the piezoelectric device through sensitive electronic pulse signals to form a corresponding pressure on the ink, so that the corresponding volume of ink droplets is ejected from the nozzle. Compared with the thermal foaming nozzle technology, in the inkjet process, the ink droplet shape and the position of the ink droplet can be controlled more precisely. Make sure that the output image has finer ink dots, beautiful print colors, finer and more detailed images, and excellent picture quality.

The SJ-7180 has two types of nozzles for customers to choose,Epson DX5 and Epson DX6.

In contrast, the Epson DX6 head focuses on printing speed, while the Epson DX5 head focuses on printing accuracy. Users can purchase machines according to their own needs, to maximize the choice of diversification, product diversification.

The SJ-7180 can print a variety of media types, the application is more extensive, it can be described as "one machine in hand, the world I have." Photo paper, adhesive photo paper, PVC hard film, PVC transparent film, light film, photo cloth, transparent Film, outdoor adhesive, PP, car stickers, inkjet cloth, etc...