The Growing of Digital Textile Printing

May 13, 2020

For digital printing, from 2009 to 2012, a budding stage: 23% annual rate in the global rapid growth and the accelerated development of the trend, is expected by 2015, the total output of digital printing will reach 2530 million square meters. This is a terrorist growth data.

Add a green to your own progress

About printing and dyeing industry, perhaps most people will think of is the industrial environment damage, dye pollution. However, when a series of environmental protection printing ink industry technology, intelligent low power equipment and so on constantly updated and development. We can certainly feel the industry's green ".

There will be bread, and there will be markets too.

Has begun to enter the growing phase of digital printing, the market is more enthusiastic attention. From the past show of data, the European digital printing accounted for 64% of the world's share, China accounted for only 6%. China as the world's textile producing country, its digital printing development space is huge.

The world is so big and the problem can always be solved.

To completely replace the traditional screen printing technology, digital printing there is a long way to go. The high cost of supplies is undoubtedly a stumbling block of digital printing market popularity. With the rapid spread of the high-speed digital printing machine in the domestic, the ink market sales gradually increased, the downward trend in the price of digital printing ink will more and more intense, the bottleneck that hinders the digital printing process of large-scale popularization, completely resolved in the near future.

Digital Textile Printing