The reason why the photo machine prints the color cast

February 06, 2020

When users use the photo machine, they will pay special attention to the exquisiteness and color reproduction of the printed image. Only the output picture is exquisite and realistic, in order to reflect the excellent performance of the photo machine. However, in practical applications, for various reasons, the performance of the photo machine cannot be fully exerted, and one of the points is the color cast of the output image of the photo machine.

The color cast of the photo machine output picture is a common problem in the application of the photo machine. In fact, it can be perfectly avoided through the standardized operation and rich experience. As the saying goes, "the original is clear source", in order to solve the problem, we must first understand the reason. The main reasons for the color cast of the piezoelectric photo machine output are as follows:

Reason one:The image color mode is RGB, and the color mode for printing is CMYK. The image in RGB mode must have a color difference when printed. So before printing, check whether the image in the software used is RGB or CMYK. If RGB needs to change it to CMYK, pay attention to the color after the mode conversion.

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Reason two: Pay attention to check whether the ink is original original ink. It is recommended that you do not want to choose cheap and low-quality ink. Because the original original ink has been tested by color proofing and ink curve correction, the ink colors have good complementarity and coordination, thus ensuring the best color reproduction.

Reason three: Printout color casts are also related to computer color management, display resolution, printer resolution, and print media. The better the performance of the computer, the more delicate and accurate the color display of the computer, so it is recommended that users use computers with good performance under the premise of conditional permission.

If the nozzle is blocked, it will also be due to the lack of certain colors, which will result in the output image lacking color and color cast. At this point, the user can use the ink-washing function provided by the photo machine to clean the nozzle.

If the user knows the reason for the color cast of the photo output of the photo machine in advance, it can be evaded in a targeted manner, so that the image printed by the photo machine will be more colorful and beautiful.