These advantages are why choose the focus of digital printing machine

May 09, 2019

With the popularity of the printing industry, more and more people enter the sublimation printing industry. There are many kinds of sublimation printer in the printing industry. Why do many people choose digital printer? That has to mention the digital sublimation printer these prominent advantages.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Easy to operate

Compared with traditional sublimation printing equipment, digital sublimation printer uses intelligent operating system, the whole process automation, industrialization, no manual operation, just a click on the computer, can quickly map. In the case of our FEDAR digital sublimation printer, the machine is equipped with a two-stage ink supply system, intelligent dryer, unique two-dimensional intelligent feather function, variable voltage, anti-rubbing paper function, etc., from the details, to ensure the intelligent and humane operation of the sublimation printer.

2. Green environmental protection

The digital sublimation printer adopts the method of ink-jet on demand, which makes full use of ink in the whole process, reduces the waste of ink and saves the cost. At the same time, the ink used in digital sublimation printer is pollution-free, low energy consumption, high environmental protection ink, no harm to human body.

3. In line with the development trend

With the difference of mass individuation, "private customization" will become a new trend in the future. And digital sublimation printer adopts advanced printing and dyeing technology, the digital printing process simple, low pollution, low consumption, high added value, the characteristics of flexible production, conform to the trend of green, environmental protection, sustainable development, but also cater to the "small batch, many varieties, short delivery" of the wind of fast fashion, in line with the transformation in the development of printing and dyeing industry in the future.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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