This Summer, Keep You Away from Sublimation Printer Maintenance Errors

May 18, 2019

How to improve the efficiency of printing machine and keep it running efficiently? Maintenance and safeguard are essential! But not all maintenance is conducive to the work of the printer, the maintenance of the printer should be done in the right way. So what is the correct maintenance method? What is wrong? Today we will help you how to keep away from the maintenance misunderstanding in using our Fedar printer.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

As we all know, the print head is an important part of the printer and plays a vital role in printing work. We believe that Fedar users may know more or less about printing machine maintenance. Good maintenance can prolong the service life of printer, improve the printing effect, and ensure better picture output. However, it is also easy to make some mistakes in maintenance operations, as follows:


Myth 1:

The more times the print head is cleaned, the better. Proper cleaning is necessary to prevent blockage of nozzles, but frequent cleaning print head not only can not achieve the original effect, but also may damage the printer, affecting the service life of printing machine.


Myth 2: 

Misconception of sealing and blocking preventive print head. Many people think that as long as the print head is sealed with the ink stack, it will not cause the ink to dry up and clog the print head. In fact, the first thing to keep the nozzle close to the ink stack is to ensure that the nozzle does not dry, but also pay attention to folding at the waste ink pipe, you can use clips to clamp the ink pipe to prevent the nozzle from drying.


Myth 3:

In the daily use process, pay no attention to the influence of static electricity on printing machine. For example: ungrounded wire, not connected to the printing machine related voltage regulator power supply, do not do related static electricity protection, etc., these are all wrong methods of operation. Static electricity will seriously affect the printing output effect of the printer, and even affect the service life of the printer, so we must do a good job of static electricity protection, to avoid unnecessary trouble to you.

 Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Looking at these maintenance methods that we has prepared for you, you must have a clear understanding in your mind. Hope that in the future, you can avoid these maintenance errors and let our Fedar Sublimation Printer bring you more profit return.