Three ways to solve the printing ghost image effect

November 22, 2019

As everybody knows, the most basic requirement of using the digital printer is the high-resolution printing result, when It occurs printing ghost image effect on the printing media  firstly, it will reduce the printing quality and waste the media materials; secondly, the end-users will get less profit and low production efficiency, Fedar sublimation printer has higher printing speed, like our double head FD1900 and TC1932 have the max printing speed of 98 sqm/h, if the printing ghost image appear, you will lost more profit. So how to resolve the problem rapidly when there is printing ghost image? Usually, adjusting the printhead carriage position, cleaning the encoder strip and reset the parameter calibration will help a lot, just check the 3 things carefully and then the ghost image will disappear.

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1, Cleaning encoder strip.

The printing positioning is depended by the encoder strip, and the encoder sensor is installed on the printhead carriage, it plays a role of helping the printer to find the printing position. Once the encoder strip is dirty or damaged, it will result in inaccurate readings of the decoder sensor, finally, the printing ghosting image will appear. it is necessary to clean or replace the encoder strip. Then the cleaning work is to wipe encoder strip in the same direction with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.


2, Printhead carriage.

The encoder sensor plays a very important role in the printing process, so when the head carriage can’tt work or run smoothly, the ink will be irregularly inkjet, maybe guide rail is too dirty or the slider is worn, it will also cause the problem of ghost image. We can clean the guide rail or replace the related spare parts to solve the problem. Fedar textile sublimation printer FD1900, TC1932, FD5193E, Fedar H1 and FD6194E all use Japan imported THK guide rail, it has longer working life and excellent quality.

 Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

3, Parameter calibration problem

Inaccurate parameters calibration in the printing software can also cause ghosting problems in digital printing. Fedar heat transfer printer provide 3 kinds of software: Maintop/Photoprint/Onyx. In this case, you need to open the print settings in the software, then find the two-way calibration, and adjust the parameters to test the printing quality. If the user doesn't know how to calibrate the parameters, contacting the after-service for assistance is always a good way to shoot the problem. Fedar sublimation has an experienced technician team, weather your sublimation printer has software or spare parts problems, our after-service team will provide the best service for you.

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