What is the trace of sublimation printing machine?

March 11, 2019

When users use Sublimation printing machines, they sometimes encounter problems with the printing machine's drawing. Why is this happening? How can users prevent and solve it?

1. The nozzle needs to be debugged. Users need to re-shoot the nozzle level and calibration, change the curve, replace the software, and also enhance the print feathering effect.

2. There is resistance in the retracting paper system. If the resistance of the paper handling system is too large, it will affect the paper feeding speed. If the paper feeding speed is inconsistent with the printing speed, it will cause the deep and shallow roads to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the paper handling system is normal.

3.the small frame is not fixed tight (the car has jitter when running). The trolley carries the sublimation printer nozzle. If there is a problem with the small frame, the inkjet trajectory of the nozzle will be abnormal.

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4. Check if the ink path is clogged or the ink is not flowing smoothly. If the nozzle is clogged, the printed color will be uneven, which will also cause deep and shallow, so it is necessary to ensure that the nozzle is in a good printing state, and the ink supply system will not be blocked.

5. The stepper motor is not in place. The operation of the stepper motor controls the speed of the paper feed. If the stepper motor is not installed, it will also cause the paper feed speed to be abnormal. The belt driven by the stepper motor should not be too loose or too tight.

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6. The servo motor is not in place. The servo motor controls the operation of the car. If it is not installed, it will inevitably cause the car to run abnormally, and there is a problem in printing.

7. Consumables issues, including printed materials and inks. Some media are not uniform in texture, and the ink absorption is unbalanced, which will lead to deep and shallow roads; bad ink can easily cause blockage of the ink supply system and the nozzle, and printing will cause deep and shallow roads. At this time, it can be checked by replacing consumables. It is a matter of material.