What should do if the winter Sublimation Printer wraps?

January 23, 2019

When the Sublimation printer prints out the screen, problems such as uneven printing of the printing medium and wrinkling of the paper may occur. This will not only affect the printed image screen, but even the print medium will scrape the nozzle, causing the nozzle mirror or the nozzle to be scratched. The wrinkling of the photo machine will not only affect the work efficiency of the photo machine, but also waste the printing medium and ink, and increase the production cost. .

1.Irregular operation

The operator does not operate the printer when installing the printing consumables. The correct operation is to select the appropriate size of the printing consumables, install it on the crossbar below the Sublimation printer, and gently feed the consumables into the feeding port behind the Sublimation printer to ensure that the printing consumables are positive. . If it is manual delivery, it is best to shake it from side to side to keep the printing consumables tight.

2.There is a problem with the print media

The unqualified quality of the printing medium itself will not only cause wrinkles in the paper, but may even cause problems such as ink coloring on the pictures printed by the photo machine. In addition, if the print medium is damp, it will cause the Sublimation printer to hang the paper. Therefore, you must purchase high-quality printing media and keep it properly to avoid moisture.

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3.Paper feed system is abnormal

For example, the paper feed and the paper delivery step are inconsistent, the paper discharge and the paper delivery are tilted, or the photo machine has an obstacle at the end when printing the image, which will cause the paper to wrinkle. In addition, the unevenness of the platen roller, the excessive force or the failure of the platen roller will cause the wrinkling of the paper to occur.

4.Abnormal paper suction platform

If the fan of the paper suction platform fails and cannot be absorbed, the print media cannot be attached to the printing platform perfectly. When printing, the print media is easily offset, causing the photo machine to wrinkle.

When the photo machine is wrinkled, the user can check from the above aspects and solve the problem for the reason. Before printing, the user should first check whether these aspects are normal, prevent the photo machine from wrinkling, improve work efficiency, and avoid waste of consumables.

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