What's the effect of low temperature on the operation of digital sublimation printing machines

December 08, 2018

Recently, the temperature has dropped sharply all over the country.  Here we warmly remind all friends that be sure to pay attention to the working environment temperature of your digital sublimation printing machines, not too low. The best working room temperature is 15℃ -30℃. Because excessive low temperature will not only cause abnormal damage of the digital sublimation printing machines,but also reduce the service life of the equipment.

So why is abnormal loss prone to occur at low temperatures? Firstly,take the pipeline connecting the frame and sprinkler as an example. At low temperatures, the ink temperature is also very low and the pipeline is easy to harden. As the car moves back and forth, the wear of the pipeline will be more serious, and the impact on the peripheral parts will also increase, so the wear of the machine will be more serious than that at normal temperature.

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We must pay attention to indoor heating measures ,such as opening air conditioning and heating fan, when the room temperature is too low. In addition, at night, the temperature will be lower. After the machine is finished, we must remember to cover the equipment with dust-proof cloth to keep warm. By doing so, the lifetime of the digital sublimation machine can be greatly prolonged and the loss of components can be reduced.

Do not turn on the equipment immediately before starting work every day. We need to raise the indoor temperature to the standard temperature (15-30 degrees Celsius)before starting the switch. Because in the low temperature environment, it is easy to cause condensation of water vapor in cold air when the equipment is powered on immediately. If this happens usually, it will cause the corrosion damage of the key parts of the machine, even cause short circuit and burn down the equipment.

In summary, when the weather turns cold, we should pay attention to the change of indoor temperature,and keep our machine working at normal temperature. 

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