Why do we choose FEDAR digital printing machine?

March 21, 2020

Easy to operate

Compared with traditional printing equipment, FEDAR digital sublimation printer adopts intelligent operating system, and the whole process is automated and industrialized. Manual operation is no needed, just a click on the computer can quickly print the figure. FEDAR sublimation printing machine, equipped with two-level ink supply system, intelligent dryer, original two-dimensional intelligent feather function, variable voltage, anti-rubbing paper function, etc., The operation of the FEDAR printing machine is more intelligent and humanized.

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Environment protecting

FEDAR dye sublimation printer uses on - demand Inkjet for printing work, the entire process carries on the full application to the ink, reduces the ink waste, saves the cost. At the same time, the ink used in FEDAR sublimation printing machine is pollution-free, low energy consumption, high environmental protection ink, no harm to human body and environment.

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In line with development trends 

With the difference of mass individuation, "private customization" is bound to become a new trend in the future. And FEDAR sublimation printer adopts advanced printing and dyeing technology, the process of digital printing is simple, low pollution, low consumption and high added value, conform to the trend of green, environmental protection and sustainable development, but also cater to the fashion of "small batch, many varieties, short delivery”.

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