Why is the print head of the inkjet printer blocked?

February 14, 2020

After the inkjet printing machine has been used for a long time, the printhead will be blocked from time to time during use. Why is the printhead of inkjet printing machine blocked? Today, let us explore why the nozzles of inkjet printing machine are blocked.

There are several reasons why the inkjet printing machine’s nozzles is blocked:

Ink Problem:

This is the most common way to block the nozzle of a printing machine. The ink of the printing machine is a kind of volatile liquid. Some ink remains around the nozzle during printing, and the nozzle will be blocked after drying. Another problem is ink quality.The composition of inferior ink is not good and it is easy to precipitate impurities, which in turn blocks the nozzle.

Damaged piezoelectric crystal:

The service life of a printing machine printhead is closely related to the amount of work. If the inkjet workload is heavy, the loss of the piezoelectric crystal in the nozzle of printhead is also large,so, there may be a phenomenon that the printhead's nozzle sometimes ejects ink and sometimes does not eject ink; Especially when spraying dark images, the phenomenon of "blocking" is more obvious. It is better to replace a new print head at this time.

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Drive circuit failure:

The aging of the electronic components of the drive circuit and the accumulation of too much dry ink dirt may affect the voltage of the drive head, resulting in no ink or unstable ink output.

In addition to the above reasons, the nozzle of printing machine plugging is also related to the mixing of the ink, the clogging of the filter inside the print head, and the working environment of the printing machine. Therefore, understanding the cause of the jam of the printing machine can be prevented in advance and it is also important to know how to handle this problem.

When the printing machine nozzle is clogged, it can be handled by cleaning the print head . The print head cleaning method is as follows:

Pour the cleaning solution into the print head cleaner. The height is just soaked in the print head. Do not let the cleaning solution contact the circuit board of the print head. The nozzle is continuously immersed in the cleaning solution for several hours, so that the cleaning liquid can play a role. When immersing, it can be used together with the print head cleaner to enhance the clearing effect.

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The print head cleaning of the printing machine is actually cleaning the damper and the filter inside it. The damper and filter of the photo machine are combined. Purify the purified water or cleaning solution from the ink outlet of the damper with a syringe, or pour it from the other end until no impurities or contaminants are extracted.

The print head is an important precision component of the printing machine. There are many things to understand and learn. It is helpful to know more about the cause of the print head clogging, which will help to better maintain the print head and improve the pint quality and create more profits.