Why should Fedar digital printing machines be continuously optimized and upgraded?

April 10, 2019

With the vigorous development of the sublimation printing machine industry, digital printing equipment brands have mushroomed more and more, a digital printing machine brand wants to stand in the industry, occupying the mainstream position, in addition to its own strong strength, but also It is necessary to continue scientific research and innovation and become a leader in the industry. Only such a brand can become an evergreen tree in the industry; otherwise, if it is against the water, it will not retreat.


Zhengzhou New Century has been infiltrated in the printing industry for many years, with core printing technology, strict production process and mature printing equipment. As the only digital printing machine brand in the New Century, Fedar Sublimation Printing Machine has received a lot of capital and scientific research investment from the company. The products are continuously upgraded and optimized, and the products are highly competitive. They occupy a certain market share.

 Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

In terms of product development, the Flying Butterfly team has been at the forefront of the industry, constantly improving the quality of equipment printing, while printing speed is also constantly creating miracles. At present, the newly developed digital printing machine equipment of the Flying Butterfly team is equipped with six EPS3200 nozzles with a speed of up to 200m2/h, which greatly improves the printing efficiency of the digital printing machine and helps customers achieve higher profits.


The print speed of the six-head digital printing machine far exceeds the industry average. And the six nozzles assembled are all the industry's most advanced EPS3200 nozzles. The nozzles use FTP thin film piezoelectric technology to achieve precise ink control, stable output, minimum 2.5PL variable ink droplets, more natural color transition and perfect effect. . The flying butterfly six-head digital printing machine combines speed and precision to help users complete various orders efficiently and stably, stabilize the customer base and achieve economies of scale.

 Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

At present, the six digital sublimation printing machines owned by the Fedar brand include: FD6196E-3200 digital printing machine, FD5196E-3200 digital printing machine, TC1946E-3200 digital printing machine. For more detailed information, please send E-mail.