Wide Format or High Speed Which type of digital sublimation printer do you choose?

August 28, 2019

The printing industry is booming and a variety of new sublimation printing equipment are emerging. Some printing equipment focus on wide-width, some printing equipment is mainly high-speed, and the wide-format and high-speed digital sublimation printers are the development direction of the current printing industry. In the face of the existing wide-format digital dye sublimation printers and high-speed digital dye sublimation printers on the market, which one do you prefer?

When choosing a sublimation printing machine, it is necessary to make a decision based on your actual business situation. Therefore, before purchasing a digital sublimation printer, customers must be aware of their business composition and then make the best choice.

1. If the customer's order is mainly in the field of home textiles, home decoration, such as bed sheets, carpets, curtains, etc. The wide-format digital sublimation printer can be preferred, eliminating the need for splicing steps, achieving one-step printing results, greatly improving printing efficiency, and helping customers to form large-scale production.

Product recommendation: Our FEDAR 5263E-3200 digital sublimation printer and FEDAR 3203-3200 digital sublimation printer, the printing width is 2.6 meters and 3.2 meters respectively, realizing the ultra-wide format printing, broadening the application field.  

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

2.If the customer's order mainly involves clothing, textiles, advertising, etc. Under normal circumstances, the order quantity of these types of fields will be large, requiring rapid batch production, and the printing speed of digital sublimation printers is high, so it is suitable for using high-speed digital sublimation printers.

Product recommendation: FEDAR series FD6196E-3200 digital sublimation printer, FD5196E-3200 digital sublimation printer, TC1946E-3200 digital sublimation printer, these three FEDAR sublimation printers can all carry 6 industrial printheads. The maximum speed can reach 200m2/h, far exceeding the industry average, achieving a leap in speed.

Zhengzhou Jinyang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

At present, the FEDAR Sublimation Printing Team is developing a wide-format six-head digital sublimation printing machine. Based on the previous wide-format digital printing machine, it has carried out technological innovations to realize the mode of simultaneous operation of six printheads, taking into account the wide format and high speed, and the printing field is more extensive, so that customers no longer have to worry about choosing width or high speed.

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