After The Spring Festival Holiday, The Precautions For Starting The Digital Printing Machine

Time flies, time flies. In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival holiday has ended, and various positions have started one after another. For the digital printing industry, do you know what are the precautions for starting the digital printing machine? Let's take a look.

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Digital printing machine startup precautions

●Ensure that the working environment of the equipment reaches the optimum temperature and humidity, the specific temperature is 18℃-30℃, and the humidity is 35%-65%.

● Check whether the grating is in the grating groove.

●Check the panel to ensure that there is no foreign matter on the panel to prevent scratching the nozzle.

●Check the ink tank to ensure that there is enough ink in it to prevent the nozzle from emptying the ink in the ink tube.

●Check the liquid level of the waste ink tank to prevent the waste ink tank from overflowing and flowing out during cleaning.

●Check whether there is ink flowing out of the print head, data cable, print head position and ink bag position. If there is no ink flowing out, we can turn on the machine normally; if we find that there is ink leakage, we cannot turn on the machine. We must troubleshoot the problem and ensure that no ink flows out.

●Check the power supply to make sure the power supply is normal.

●Print test strips after power on to ensure that the test strips are normal.