An Exciting UV Color White Color Printer

H1-UV color white color printer is a three-head uv printing equipment under Tiancai, with a large appearance, smooth lines, full sense of science and technology, and the main color of gray and blue is also very high-end.

The whole adopts an industrial frame, which is stable and durable, and does not shake during the printing process to ensure the stability of the printing.

H1 uv.jpg

H1-UV color white color printer, equipped with 3 Epson I3200-U1 print heads, variable ink drop technology can freely control the ejected ink drop size, showing more details of the picture, smooth color transition, high saturation.

Support a variety of printing modes, such as color white color, white white color, white color, color white, double color mode, customers can switch mode printing according to different needs. The UV color white color printer can print out the unevenness of the picture by stacking white ink, which is also called relief in the industry.


Five advantages:

1. High-efficiency UV-LED technology

2. Three-layer printing, fine and gorgeous pictures, making novel advertising forms possible

3. Five-color printing with fine gradation (C M Y K +W)

4. Use UV ink that meets international environmental protection standards, which is environmentally friendly and tasteless

5. High-quality image output, widely used in various materials: light film, transparent film, car stickers, PET&PVC, industrial shrink film, gold and silver cards, wallpaper, wall cloth, silk canvas and other advertising decoration materials.

H1-UV-color white color printer adopts multi-layer printing technology, color + white + color three-layer printing, which realizes the effect of changing pictures when there is backlight illumination; through day and night, surface and inner image switching, it reflects the new style The expression technique of advertisement makes novel advertisement form possible!

H1-UV color white color printer is mainly used for printing roll materials, with beautiful printing pictures, no color difference on both sides, and real and delicate pictures. The print screen is suitable for use in specialty stores, shopping malls, counters, showcases, schools, glass doors and windows in business districts, car bodies, home decoration and other occasions.