Anti-static Tips for Fedar Sublimation Printer in Winter

In winter, not only people will be disturbed by static electricity, but also digital printing machines will suffer from problems such as broken ink, ghosting, and misalignment. So here we will help you to prevent the interference of static electricity when using Fedar Sublimation Printer in Winter.


1. Correct grounding
Lead the static electricity generated by the equipment through the ground wire in time. The correct grounding wire method is as follows: 1. Use 3 galvanized angle steel larger than 40*40mm (or φ32mm² round steel) to penetrate into the ground at a depth of not less than 2 meters, and the spacing between each wire is not less than 1 meter, then use galvanized flat steel (50mm*5mm) to weld these 3 pieces together firmly, with a φ8mm hole at the end; 2. The distance between the grounding body and the building is not less than 2 meters; 3. Use insulated copper wires greater than φ6mm² as the lead , One end is fixed with the grounding body with M8 screws, and the other end is connected with the equipment grounding lead.
2. Humidity control
In winter, heating or air conditioning is generally turned on indoors, which can easily increase the degree of indoor dryness. The best working environment humidity of Fedar Sublimation printer is 35%-65%. At the same time, it is recommended that Fedar users turn on the humidifier synchronously when turning on the air conditioner to increase the air humidity.
3. Control the printing speed
For different printing materials, it doesn’t mean that the faster the printing speed will be better. The faster the printing speed, the higher the probability of static electricity generated by the digital printing machine. Therefore, you should choose a suitable printing mode when Fedar machine printing, to prevent excessive static electricity.
The above are the tips to prevent excessive static electricity of the digital printing machine in winter. Fedar printer is your best choice for digital sublimation printing solution, welcome your contact.