FD5328 Large Format Fedar Dye Sublimation Printing Machine
With the continuous improvement of printing technology, there is more and more demand for Fedar dye sublimation printing machines in the market. On the one hand, because the average height of human beings is gradually rising, on the other hand, the development of the whole society makes more orders tend to be industrialized and batched. However, most printing machines on the market have widths of 1.6 meters and 1.8 meters, which can no longer meet market demand.
The printing factory urgently needs a fast,  dye sublimation Fedar printing machine. The FD5328E large format Fedar dye sublimation printing machine came into being under the painstaking research and development of the Fedar textile printer team.


When people first saw FD5328E, they were amazed: this Fedar dye sublimation printing machine looks so stable! Yes, this model is equipped with 8 original Epson I3200-A1 print heads, the 1pass printing speed can reach 420㎡/h, the width is 3.2 meters, the speed is fast, and the width is large. It is a must-have machine for  printing factories!
If you want to run at such high speeds, you must first have a solid body. Let's first look at the size of FD5328E (in millimeters): Length: 5140 Width: 1350 Height: 1860


This height does not affect the operation of the staff. Moreover, the size of this model is based on overall ergonomic considerations, based on the latest human body size data, and taking into account the user group, making it more convenient and more comfortable for people to operate. In addition, the overall body of this model is a high-strength industrialized structure, which can fully carry the machine's high-speed operation and has higher stability.
A "high-precision" printing machine needs not only a high-end appearance, but also a luxurious interior, so that it can output exquisite pictures and achieve a printing business.