Pay Attention to The Maintenance of The Eco Solvent Printer in the Cold Winter!

The heavy snow season has passed, and the temperature has officially entered the winter cold mode.

The characteristics of the climate in winter are: low temperature, frequent strong winds, and frequent static electricity.

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Compared with other seasons, when using the Eco-solvent printer in winter, we must pay more attention to its maintenance, otherwise it is easy to cause ink flying and nozzle clogging.

So, what aspects should be paid attention to when using the photo machine in winter? Quickly follow the editor to take a look!

  • Adjust the temperature and humidity of the working environment


The working environment temperature of most pictorial machines is required to be controlled at 15-30°C, and the humidity is maintained at 35%-65%. There are exceptions for individual machines. For details, you must follow the instructions provided with them. If you have any questions, you should promptly consult the technicians of the relevant manufacturers.

You can put a thermometer and hygrometer in the working environment and record every day. In northern areas, indoors are generally equipped with heating or air conditioning to make the environment relatively dry. Sprayers or humidifiers can be used to maintain humidity and prevent dust and static electricity.

Stormjet's latest F1 four-head series Eco-solvent printer , with built-in temperature and humidity display module, can observe the temperature and humidity conditions of the working environment at any time, without relying on a temperature and humidity meter at all times.

  • Maintain the machine in time according to the operation in the manual

The dry and cold weather in winter will increase the friction of the ink cart on the guide rail, thereby weakening the lubricating effect of the lubricating oil, so check the guide rail in time and add lubricating oil; the temperature in winter is dry and static electricity is prone to occur, so the power supply of the photo machine must be correct For grounding, use a three-phase power plug.

 Stormjet's  Eco-solvent printer is equipped with THK silent linear guide, which can achieve high-precision linear decoding and reduce the friction of the trolley frame.

  • Pay attention to the selection and storage of ink


The low temperature in winter has the greatest impact on the ink. The lower the temperature, the worse the fluidity of the ink. If possible, try to use the ink that is suitable for winter use, and keep the temperature of the working environment at 15-30°C as much as possible.

If the conditions are limited and the temperature of the ink storage environment is too low, you can bring the ink to a suitable temperature environment in advance before printing, so that the ink fluidity can also be within the normal range during printing.

In addition, users are reminded that when choosing ink, you must choose the original ink from the manufacturer. The quality of the original ink is more secure, and the printing effect is better, and it is not easy to damage the nozzle.

Stormjet's high-end models are equipped with an automatic rewinding and unwinding system, which not only frees the hands of workers, but also prevents materials from being squeezed, deformed and thrown by manual rewinding and unwinding.