Precautions for the Use of Eco Solvent Printer in summer

Recently, the temperature has soared in many places, and the hot summer has come quietly. For advertisers,Pay special attention to the use of the Eco Solvent Printer in high temperature weather.

  • Adjust the indoor temperature


As we all know, the best temperature of the photo machine is between 15-30 degrees, and in the high temperature season in summer, the maximum temperature often exceeds 30 degrees.

In addition, the heat generated by the printer during operation will cause the overall temperature to be high, and the high temperature will affect the viscosity of the ink, the ink output of the nozzle, etc., thus affecting the printing effect of the device.

Therefore, it is very necessary to cool down the photo machine in summer. Fans or air conditioners can be used as cooling measures to ensure the stable operation of the Eco Solvent Printerin summer.

  • Pay attention to indoor humidity


There is a lot of rain in summer, and the house is easy to get wet, which affects the printing medium. When the humidity exceeds 60%, use a dehumidifier for dehumidification.

In addition, pay attention to keeping the ventilation of the working environment of the photo machine. Ventilation not only cools the temperature, but also keeps the humidity from getting too high.

In addition, you should always pay attention to the weather forecast. When encountering rainy weather, you should close the doors and windows in time to prevent rainwater from entering the room. For the south where there is more rain, you should pay more attention.

The above are two points that need to be paid attention to when using the Eco Solvent Printer in summer. Paying more attention to these details can not only ensure the working efficiency of the photo machine, but also prolong the service life of theEco Solvent Printer.