Fedar 15 Heads High Speed Digital Printing Machine FD51915E

With the rapid development of the digital printing industry, customers have higher and higher requirements for stable production indicators of equipment. Focusing on product stability, speed, accuracy, color, and cost, Fedar once again launched a 15-head high-speed digital printing machine ——Fedar FD51915E.

Fedar FD51915E digital printing machine is a high-speed digital printing machine equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 nozzles. 1pass printing can reach up to 610㎡/h, which truly realizes high-speed production.

Fedar FD51915E features

61915e 1200.png

1.Industrial steel mainframe

The thickness of the left and right high-strength quenching process base, main machine, and wallboard is not less than 10mm, which ensures the more stable operation of the machine.

2.Split ink stack cleaning unit

The advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device has the effect of long-term airtight moisturizing and automatic cleaning, making operation and maintenance more convenient.

3.Adopt 3 3600W intelligent segmented drying systems

The multi-channel drying device can dry quickly even with high-speed printing, ensuring more energy saving while drying.


4.Adopting a constant tension pendulum-type retracting and unwinding paper control system

It ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the paper is collected smoothly and tightly to avoid loosening

5.Higher configuration

Split ink stack cleaning unit, double THK linear ultra-quiet guide S-level, NSK bearing, high-quality silent drag chain, rubber strip expansion roller...

In addition, Fedar FD51915E can also be equipped with a 10,000-meter base + 15-liter large-capacity continuous ink supply system to achieve 24-hour unattended printing. While saving labor, it also greatly improves the printing efficiency. One set can be used for more than one set, which is favored by many printing factories.

The 15-head high-speed digital printing machine Fedar FD51915E has a wide range of applications. As an alternative to traditional printing, digital printing has been widely used in the printing of fabrics such as clothing, home textiles, and personalized customization.