Why is the Skeycolor 4180TS Series Eco Solvent Printer So Popular?

At present, in the printing market, multi-head devices are emerging in endlessly, but the classic double-head models are still standing, and they are the best choice for many advertisers, such as the Skeycolor 4180TS double-head series.

What are the outstanding advantages of the Skeycolor 4180TS double-headed Eco Solvent printer?

4180 Ts 1200.png

Cost-effectiveness: When it comes to buying printing equipment, cost-effectiveness is a key point that can never be bypassed. Skycolor 4180TS series Eco Solvent printer has a printing width of 1.8 meters and a high-quality output of 55 square meters/h, which can flexibly respond to the diverse production needs of customers, and has an obvious price advantage.

Core components: The core nozzle components use Epson original nozzles, such as Epson I3200-A1 nozzles, I3200-E1 nozzles, and F1440-A1 nozzles.


△ I3200 print head

High-end accessories: Skeycolor 4180 series Eco Solvent printer, using high-quality imported accessories, such as Japan's THK silent linear guide, Leisai brushless integrated motor, igus ink chain, American fluororubber paper roller, intelligent air-heat integrated dryer , Imported quality boards, etc., to ensure more stable printing performance and longer service life of the equipment.

Skeycolor 4180TS series Eco Solvent printer has withstood the double test of time and market, and the quality has been stable and consistent for more than ten years.