Fedar 15-head Digital Printing Machine, High precision + High speed + Environmental protection

As the dates for the Winter Olympics are getting closer and closer, official environmental control notices have also come. Superimposed on factors such as recent increases in power prices for various provinces, it is even more difficult for printing and dyeing companies that are already struggling to survive. In fact, in the context of global environmental protection requirements, the transformation of traditional printing and dyeing enterprises to digital printing is an inevitable trend.

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has a clean and tidy production environment, eliminating the need for traditional screen making and washing processes, and greatly reducing the production of industrial wastewater. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s consumption level and quality of life, everyone’s requirements for personalization are getting higher and higher. The reason why digital printing has been favored by many people of insight at the beginning of its debut, and in recent years The rapid development is because it complies with the small batch, personalized customization needs on the market.


With the maturity of digital printing technology and the increasing market demand, digital printing machines on the market are rapidly upgraded, from the early single-head/double-head printing machines to today’s 6-head/8-head, and even 15-head machines. , The market becomes bigger and bigger. In order to meet more customers' requirements for speed and quality, Fedar Textile Printing has launched a digital printing machine FD61915E equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 print heads.

FD61915E production speed can reach about 610 square meters per hour, which can meet customers' mass order production needs; equipped with a 10,000-meter rewinding and unwinding system, it can fully realize an unattended automated production program.

In addition, in response to the national energy consumption dual control policy, the Fedar FD61915E digital printing machine has changed the status quo of traditional equipment with low efficiency, high pollution and more labor, and has reduced raw materials, comprehensive energy consumption and labor costs by more than half. These are all for the printing and dyeing industry. Breaking the bottleneck of intelligent transformation and realizing mass production provide powerful conditions. At the same time, it provides production equipment guarantee for the printing factory to transform into long-term energy saving, environmental protection, pollution reduction, and green production.


FD61915E product advantages

1. Adopt Epson I3200-A1 print head, TFP thin film piezoelectric technology + 2.5pl variable dot ink drop function, precise positioning of ink droplets, richer and fuller image color levels, and more exquisite printing effects.

2. Independently researched and developed the print head multi-column arrangement, matched with the fuselage to achieve a super cost-effective, can freely adjust the height of the print head according to different printing consumables, it is widely used and easy to adjust.

3. The advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device provides safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient.

4. Gigabit network data transmission port to meet the requirements of digital printing high-definition picture output stability and transmission speed.

5. Upgradable 10,000-meter rewinding and unwinding system.

6. High-end imported accessories: THK silent guide rail, Japanese NSK bearing, German igus ink chain, Leisai servo brushless integrated motor...